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Light balancers manufactured using a unique technology and have’nt analogues in the Russian market. The tail is integrated into the body and is will one element. This lure are made from environmentally friendly material - polymer resin, and for better balancing and stable play, weights are used that are installed with jewelery accuracy, which allows the use of a minimum depth of up to four meters of the reed zone, attracting pike and other predatory inhabitants of the thickets. It is also designed for a weak season, when the fish is sluggish and active, this is the main difference from the classic heavy ones. Each balancer is tested for balance. All models of  «NORD WATER’S» balancers are equipped with Japanese «Hayabusa» hooks and an «Owner» hanging tee with a bright “drop”, which additionally attracts the predator and guarantees the minimum number of gatherings. The various color scale allows to pick up the balancer weight for every taste.

The series includes balancers:

“Tyulka” (65 mm, weight 8 r)
"Peskar’" (80 mm, weight 9.5 g)
"Minnow" (85 mm, weight 10.2 g)

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Balancer - catchy spoon bait.

The history of the use of the balancer does not count half a century. This wonderful tackle was invented in Scandinavia, as an alternative to the usual lamb and mormyshke. At first, it was a regular oblong mormshka with hooks attached at both ends and a hole drilled in the center for tying to the fishing line. The slight swinging of the bait imitates the movements of a small fish, which attracts the attention of hashish fish and ensures successful fishing, even in cases when the prey does not respond to ordinary lures.


Why buy balance weights in bulk is worth it from us?

For many years, our company has been producing high-quality gear that perfectly meets the conditions for fishing in domestic waters. In our activities we:
-Use quality hooks of the Japanese manufacturer Hayabusa, with a sharp, chemically sharpened tip;
- we apply innovative, unique for Russia, technology of soldering hooks, providing unprecedented fastening strength; - we independently develop the design of balancers that perfectly imitate the living bait of different breeds;
- we make fishing goods on original own developments on the high-precision modern equipment;
- we carry out constant quality control of the manufactured products.

All this gives us the opportunity to put on the market of fishing gear professional highly competitive products at extremely affordable prices.

How to order a wholesale batch of balancers?

To place an order , contact our sales department using:

  • telephone (812) 324-22-65 or (812) 324-22-59;
  • e-mail 
  • feedback form of our site for ordering a callback.

In addition, we invite you to visit our office in St. Petersburg, which is located at: Elizarova, 34