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The company - manufacturer "Northern Works" offers to buy lures wholesale for winter and summer fishing of their own making. We often replenish the catalog of fishing products with novelties, which make it possible to increase the efficiency of fishing and the likelihood of a rich catch. Our products are popular with Russian fishermen, so wholesalers are willing to buy tackle brands "NORD WATER 'S", knowing that such a product does not lie on the shelves of their stores, but will bring quick income.

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Fishing spoon bait’s


Every fisherman knows what spoons are. This is a fishing tackle used as bait to catch pike, perch, bass, salmon and other fish with a fishing rod or spinning rod. Most often, they are made in the form resembling a small fish, fry or plankton, as they are one of the most desirable prey for a predator.

In general, a lure is a metal plate with a hook and a hole for fishing line. The plate is coated with an electroplated coating, in color resembling the color of a fish, and the hook can be masked by feathering. Some manufacturers of spinners paint the plates in such a way that they look almost like a small fish, but it cannot be reliably argued that this raises the bite, because in many reservoirs the water is cloudy and little light penetrates deeper into the sun.


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Depending on the type of spinners and the type of fish for which it is intended, the design of the bait may differ. The most common types are oscillating (oscillators), rotating and vertical baits. The first two types are applicable for summer fishing, and vertical - for winter. Since they differ in design, they have a different "game" that has its own characteristics. This should be used when fishing under specific conditions in a pond.