Fishing spoon «Legend»

Fishing spoon «Legend»
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Легенда с мальком

This is wholesale price is specified excluding discounts for «LEGEND» 55mm (9,5rp) on the triple hook with electroplating coating.


The «Legend» is a winter scoop that is universal in its characteristics. Well planned, which allows you to increase the zone of fishing from one hole. From the top point of the trajectory of the lure «Legend» almost horizontally away from the hole until the line is fully tensioned, after which, swinging like a wounded whitebait falling to the bottom, descends along an arc to a vertical position.

* It is possible to use a small swivel in the fastener spoons. Just small, because the increase in weight in the upper part of the spinner can change the balance and the “LEGEND” will collapse, weakening the fishing line and reducing the sensitivity of the gear to the weak bite in the fall phase.
* This winter lure is not designed to work on a strong current, but on a weak one it allows the use of more calm wiring and can provoke even a passive predator to bite.



Size, мм Weight, гр OWNER’S triple hook, №
1 55 9,50 12
2 65 9,00 12
3 80 15,00 10



TREATMENT: Hand polishing by our experts, lacquering coating.

EQUIPMENT: OWNER’S triple hooks (Japan), single hook with chain,  triple hooks with fly. 

COLORS (electroplating):

S - Nikel;

С - Cuprum;

G - Brass;

S/G - Nikel/Brass;

S/C - Nikel/Cuprum;

C/G - Cuprum/Brass;

Ag - Silver;

Au - Gold.


COLORS (painted):

BUS - Blue nikel;

FRE - Phosphor with 3D eye;

FRG - Frog

FSF - Phosphor with flex:

  • RF- red flex 
  • SF- silver flex
  • GF- gold flex
  • BF-blue flex

FTG - Fire Tiger 

BWR- Grey pearl !NEW!

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