Croatian egg lures for summer fishing from manufacturer


The Northern Works company specializing in production of qualitative fishing tackles wholesale offers the «Croatian egg» (glisser). The glisser - the type of a superficial wobbler at the entry sliding on a water surface. Thanks to the hook which is constantly lifted from water to glissers no superficial grass because of what such type of a product is recommended to apply in strongly overgrown reservoirs is terrible.


Weight: 12.7 гр

Size: 75*25 mm


Standard colors:  

BLR — blue / lemon / red

FT — fiery tiger

GrLO — green /lemon / orange

BR — black/grey/red

OK — perch

BlOrLR — black / orange/ lemon / red

MGLR is raspberry / gold / lemon / red

VGLO — purple/gold/orange

Individual coloring at the request of the customer!!!