«Sphere» with eyelet

Mormyshka «Sphere» with eyelet
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Wholesale price for 1 piece without discounts for a mormyshka of «Sphere» with an eyelet  9.6 гр electroplated coating is specified. 

MATERIAL: tungsten.

Available sizes (weight): 10 mm (9.6gr), 12 mm (16.5gr)

Standard colors: LI (lemon), OR (оранж), BL (black), OG (оранж with gold), BR (black-red), RW (red-white), FS (phosphorus).

Electroplated coating: NI (nickel), AU (gold), AG (silver), CU (copper), BN (black nickel).

Exclusive colors by your order.

In packing of 5 pieces.

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